i've never made a shrine in my life, wait nvm just remembered the frog shrine in my dorm room..  digital shrine then

WELCOME, and feast your eyes upon
(mostly merch) *

if you check out my wonderfully cringe digital art, your corneas shall be granted the pleasure of being blasted/blessed by kris fully decked out in lidl merch, a dream of mine, so out of reach, i rather project it on silly little fictional characters.
as is my god given right
a few years back these bad boys were selling on ebay for like hundreds of euros mmmmmmmmmmmmm gotta love capitalism
sadly missed the window to buy them, og price is 14 EUR if i recall properly
*no idea how these shrines are actually supposed to work. is this a shrine? i always mostly ignored them visiting sites ngl... sorry

also ouch
they do be lookin kinda fly tho
friend of mine has the lidl towel
the one thing i DO have
is the lidl christmas sweater

imagine a heavenly glow around it that im too lazy to photoshop at the moment
yeah or that works too