hall of creatchures:
where is the SNOW where is I T where IS the s n o w WHERE WHERE EHREWE aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
the last proper winter was in fucking 2012 unintentional ww reference
what the fuck
that is literally my cat, hello. doppelganger.
they have the same sass in their eyes. i love them. i need to go kiss her soft little head
this week's creecher is this little slavic man
because i too
am a little slavic man
hope this helps
in honor of the blahaj (wonderfully named flavio) that has entered my life but mere two days ago have a baby tiger shark
silly little thing <333

a littol !!! moustbhstache

shinny shimmery scratching an itch in my brain like no other, gently holding them in
my hands rn, putting
them iN MT MOUT-

oh friend with the blank stare, what do you see in the great incomprehensible beyond?
30.11.2022 actually 18.11.2022 but shh

what an absolute fellow, look at him, him has smiley on head. how. i care him so much. content, in his lane, moisturized, fluorishing.
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3 cats in a row huh? not looking good ahaah,,,, for the diversity of the creatchures page
if you have a cat you are going to send me pictures this very instant. neowwwwwwwwwwwwwww,,, pls? i'd love to link back to ur webbie too if i haven't yet