why the fuck do i have this i literally got myself the status cafe thingf
roomie temporarily stopped watching the new percy jackson series because she spotted a certain dearly beloved songwriter and i've been terrorizing her with the hamilton soundtrack ever since.
everyone gogfucking home i have the best roommate ever she just boyght me the most atrocious hofer (aldi's) christmas sweater iveever laid eyes upon. every time she sees me wearing my lidl christmas sweater she threatens to do terrible things to it she hates these things augahagaahrgdgf editing code on mobile is in the 10th circle of hell.
updejt: roomie still hates the lidl christmas sweater, she still looks at me as if im an affront to god whenever i wear it its been 2 years
gonna tryy and take a shower in the dorm bathrooms at 1 am hoping they dont like, behead me, im blaming the fact that the water was literally freezing earlier.
update: colgd.
hope you like how i decorated the place it's likely to marinate in spooky vibes well into 2024 also HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHROGEEdotNEOCITIESdotORG WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
my roommate keeps hiding her fucking tumblr blogs from me what HAVE I EVER DONE TO DESERVE thiS i just WNAT to BE MOOTS WITH U BESTIE PLEASE i LOVE TOU