wowee, wowza, welcome friend
how ya doin, hope you're enjoying the site so far and that.
you've most likely noticed the phrase 'phrog portal' mentioned in the homepage description, or somewhere else, a totally original term coined by yours truly, and which might prove important if you do some real good digging around the site, who knows :)
'but, phrogee!' i hear you cry,

what is a phrog portal?

well my sweet summer child, that's why i made this very page right here, to be your guiding light on this easter egg hunt you are about to embark on :]]

phrog portals come in many forms, but the most common one is a clickable image of a phrog as seen below:

these aren't proper phrog portals though, as they're missing a key ingredient: upon clicking on a phrog portal you will be redirected to a page with the same image of a 3d model of a phrog i made back in like 2020, when i briefly tried to get into blender, hundreds spinning indefinitely, forevermore. (the phrogs, not me in a blender. blender as in, the modeling program..)
as seen above, not every image of a phrog is guaranteed to be a phrog portal, best way to find out is, well, to click on them, duh.
most of the time, these guys aren't going to be hidden in plain sight. where's the fun in that? to quote the message on the homepage: 'click on a thing, hover over some stuff...' fuck around and find out, if you will.

still unsure if some thingamabob is a phrog portal? here's a helpful flowchart to aid you in your dilema:

actually wait i could totally simplify this even more.

i can do you one better.


oh yeah, again, make sure you have javascript enabled, not just for the phrog hunt but for site functionality in general.
anyways, i hope this adds a fun little twist as you continue to browse and peruse this silly little site of mine :]

now scram
and good luck!