that's it. that's the post.
finally 100%ed hit indie platformer celeste baybey

jk i'm going to blabber, who do you have me for
(spoilers for celeste if you couldn't guess btw), also i'm not spellchecking this, but when do i ever spellcheck also writing this in a rush coz it's 1.30AM and i really gotta get started with biology oh FUCK

to start, here's a note in my phone from may 11th:
"Dear diary
I booted up Celeste after almost a year of not playing
My main plight was my inability to wavedash, -" actually this is boring, main point is that i stopped playing coz my dumb ass couldn't for the life of me figure out how to wavedash a year ago, and i was sick of the wind in 4C so i sorta just stopped alltogether. literally cannot remember why i picked it up again, maybe it came to me in a vision who knows, anyway

>be me
>start a new file
>chapter 1
>"fuck wavedashing, all my homies (me) hate wavedashing"
>not even 5 minutes in
>"yeah let me give this just one more try, for the funnsies it's not gonna work th- ah."
>ya boy can wavedash, i haven't played celeste in a year, this is embarrasing
>"farewell i'm coming for your ass."

there's an earlier note that says
"To do:
- 100% celeste so june can be proud of me
june if you're by any chance reading this, uh, no you arent
(check out her site tho, right now, leave my stupid krindž behind, i'm writing this with the expectation that you see the wall of text and immediately get discouraged and leave what on god's green earth are you even doing here, her site is so mega uber cool go GO)

anyway on my journey to 100%ing celeste i still needed 5 achievements:
- complete the pico minigame
- get a 1up
- all completed c-sides
- completed farewell
- moonberry

since i was still refamiliarizing myself with the controls and all that i postponed the 1up for later and the next closest achievement was the pico minigame, just decided to get it outta the way as soon as i picked it up in celestial resort
badabing badaboom

fun fact the strawberries in pico-8 do fucking nothing, don't count for any achievement or anything, well, except for global stats i guess.
skip to chapter 7b and me realizing i still suck ass at wall/corner boosting tho

farewell remedied that, as well as solidified my masochistic tendencies

something something incoherrent screaming + wails of agony = moonberry ha cha cha


after all this c sides were pretty much a breeze up until the last fucning screen of 7C, i fucking hate this thing, i have more deaths in 7C than all the other c sides combined because of that fucking screen aUGH

silence granny i still have one more c-side to go


got 4 goldens from chapters' 1 and 2 respective a and c sides on the way out, and i might return for the rest of the c sides, maybe during the summer when i miss the suffering school provides me
and that's all folks, i was suppored to be doing biology, but eh hormones, im trans, i got that shit totally covered

alrighty gnite!